Unakite “Balanced Vision” Heart Pendant-Large

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You will receive the pendant pictured above

Unakite is known to be tied to the third eye chakra as well as the heart chakra bringing a Balanced Vision. With the connecting power of the third eye to the heart space, you are better able to envision a reality that expresses your heart and soul’s purpose. Unakite is able to balance your emotions with your spiritual expression.

Unakite is also really great for supporting healthy pregnancies as well as an overall healthy reproductive system.

Wrapped in 99.9% copper, this beautiful crystal Pendant’s Energetic signature is being amplified. That is one of my most favorite aspects of copper is that it amplifies the energy and pushes it out, strengthening not only the Crystal but your own energetic auric field as well.

It is always an absolute honor wrapping every individual Crystal, as no one piece is exactly the same. When you order this pendant you will be receiving the one in the picture, and again I promise this picture does not do this beautiful piece justice.

Much Love and Light,

Frances 💜🙏💜