Selenite Copper Wrapped Pendant

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(You will Receive the Pendant shown in the Image)

What is this?

This is a beautiful Selenite Wire Wrapped Pendant, that had been wrapped in 99.9% Pure Copper. When worn, Selenite acts as a Protection stone, Transforming any Negative energy into Positive, Light based energy. Any wearer of Selenite, is doing an Energetic service to mankind. Anywhere they go, they are cleaning up Heavy energy and Transforming it into Beautiful and Positive Energy.

What are some Benefits of Selenite?

  • Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock any Stuck or Stagnant Energy, Ensuring a Smooth Flow of Positive Energy through your Body and your Space.
  • Removes and Transforms Negative Energy from the Home and Aura into Positive and Uplifting energy.
  • Helps to Clear, Protect and Shield your Personal Energy Field and/or the Energy of your Living Space
  • Selenite Shields the Holder or Wearer from Outside Influences that do not Aid in Enhancing your Life.
  • Selenite also enhances the properties of Other Stones, as Well as Clearing them.


How to use Selenite in your Everyday Life:

  • To clear any stuck and stagnant energy from your body and aura, use your Selenite Pendant and "comb" it up and down and around your body. This will clear any stuck and/or negative energy from your body, keeping the energy in your body and aura clear and flowing.
  • Selenite aids in the fight against insomnia. Place your Selenite Pendant under your pillow when you sleep to help you get a good nights rest!
  • When healing with Selenite it, "brings purifying white light into your body to help heal your aura and balance your chakras: place your Selenite directly on your body, focusing on areas that you want to focus your healing, to bring focused healing energy to that area.