Rose Quartz “Stone of Unconditional Love” Copper Wrapped Pendant

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What is this?

A beautiful, large heart Rose Quartz pendant that looks absolutely Divine. Paired with 99.9% pure Copper wire, when worn, this pendant will amplify all thoughts of Love of One’s Self and of One’s Experience. Amplify the energies of Unconditional Love and Manifest this in every moment.

It was an Absolute Honor, wrapping this Treasure! 💜🙏💜

What are some of the Benefits of Rose Quartz?
  • Rose Quartz is a well-known and beloved Crystal, Guiding us into the Expression of Unconditional Love.
  • When there is a Desire to both Love and Be Loved Fully and Unconditionally, bring Rose Quartz into your 
  • This Crystal Works from the Source, that is Us: Teaching and Guiding Us into Showing, Feeling, and knowing what Unconditional Love is within, Manifesting it Without.
Some more Thoughts on Rose Quartz

When we learn what it is to Love Our Self, to see Our Self through the eyes of Source, Our whole World begins to Shift and Reflect the Same Loving Energy back to Us.