Reiki Level 2 Class In-Person at Red Feather Healing / Next Available Class Dates 07/10/2021

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Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that allows you to act as a conduit for Universal Energy. When performing a Reiki session, this Universal Energy flows throughout various points in the body, balancing the energies in The Chakras. This allows Healing, Deep Relaxation, and Total Well-Being throughout the body. A truly Magical and Transformational Healing experience.

Reiki is a transformative healing technique that can be accessed by anyone, with training, attunement and discipline. Reiki will transform, not only the life of the Reiki Practitioner, but the life of friends, family, clients and even pets! The energy that will flow through is that of unconditional Love and life force. 

You will notice as you begin to study, learn and attune to Reiki, that your understanding and experience of self-care and self-love will transform. As well as your own energetic and spiritual experiences. Reiki has been and continues to be, a very treasured healing modality in my own personal life. Reiki has opened me up to connection, spirituality, and the absolute magic of the Universe and the Human Experience. 

As a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, it is my absolute honor and pleasure to welcome you on your journey through this magical transformation and expansion. Reiki is a technique that can be applied to any current career or skill, like: Massage Therapy, Nursing, Animal Care, Hair Styling and the list goes on.

Each Class will start at 11:00 and continue until  6:00, with an hour lunch break at 2:00.

Classes are open to the General Public and Healthcare Professionals.

Your class will include:


Each class will also include a Reiki 2 Manuel and Certificate of Completion. As well as my own experience of Reiki and techniques I use with this wonderful healing modality.

​Much Love and Light,

Frances Griffin

I'm so excited to see you in class.