Hidden Rainbow Labradorite Heart Pendant-Large

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Another Gorgeous Labradorite Pendant. This beautiful large labradorite heart pendant has a small rainbow located in the corner. For me, pendants or crystal pendants that have little rainbows hidden within, have an extra element of divine and supporting energy. Rainbows are known as a symbol of good luck and help to motivate and encourage us to move forward during challenging (or what I like to refer to as “expansions”) moments in our journey. So this labradorite pendant combined with the beautiful support of the Rainbow will truly guide and empower you during any turbulent transformational phase in your experience, as well as support you in your day today expression.

Known as the “Stone of Transformation”, Labradorite makes a great Crystal companion during every transformational stage of Life. That’s the goal, right? We always want to be growing and evolving, and labradorite helps to ensure our intuition is strengthened and that our inner knowing is guiding us during our transformational path.

Also known as a stone of magic and spiritual protection, labradorite makes a great companion for any sort of spiritual work or meditation. It is a crystal that is known to work well with the third eye chakra, strengthening inner sight.

Wrapped in 99.9% copper, this beautiful crystal Pendants Energetic signature is being amplified. That is one of my most favorite aspects of copper is that it amplifies the energy and pushes it out, strengthening not only the Crystal but your own energetic auric field as well.

It is always an absolute honor wrapping every individual Crystal, as no one piece is exactly the same. When you order this pendant you will be receiving the one in the picture, and again I promise this picture does not do this beautiful piece justice.

Much Love and Light,

Frances 💜🙏💜