Labradorite Sphere with Deep Flash

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You will get Sphere shown in image

Known as the “Stone of Transformation”, Labradorite makes a great Crystal companion during every transformational stage of Life. That’s the goal, right? We always want to be growing and evolving, and labradorite helps to ensure our intuition is strengthened and that our inner knowing is guiding us during our transformational path.

Also known as a stone of magic and spiritual protection, labradorite makes a great companion for any sort of spiritual work or meditation. It is a crystal that is known to work well with the third eye chakra, strengthening inner sight.

This Labradorite Sphere holds a special place in my heart. My breath caught the moment I saw it! 😍 I could just gaze into that Magical and Deep flash for days. ✨🥰✨

What makes a sphere so special? Sphere or a circle represents the wholeness of the Universe and everything in it. It means Unity as well as Completion.