Crystal Keychain

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Attach one of these beautiful gemstone keychains to your keys, backpack or your purse to keep good vibes with you everywhere you go! A beautiful crystal Talisman!

Stone Meanings:

  • Citrine - Also known as "The Merchant's Stone" or "The Stone of Good Fortune" is a great crystal of manifestation. Citrine attracts wealth and assists in maintaining it as well. When Citrine is kept close, it acts as a magnet for love and happiness; while guarding the holder from spiteful, jealous energy and individuals who would cause you heartbreak.
  • Rose Quartz - Also known as "The Stone of Love" or "A Crystal of Unconditional Love," rose quartz draws in loving and compassionate energy to the carrier. The energy emitted from Rose Quartz is soft, peaceful, tender, nourishing and provides comfort. Its a wonderful crystal for inner healing, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentment; while circulating loving energy throughout the entire aura promoting self-love and care, providing a wonderful and deep sense of personal fulfillment. 
  • Amethyst - Also known as
  • Agate
  • Rock Quartz

Random Tumbled Gemstone option is chosen at random. Let the universe decide what gemstone makes its way to you! A wonderful surprise!