Chinese Fluorite Standing Cluster

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(You will receive Standing Cluster shown in image)

What is This?

This is a lovely Standing Chinese Fluorite Cluster. This will look wonderful in any part of your home, meditation or office space. With this being a standing cluster, it does not need to be propped up, but will stand freely. Chinese Fluorite is a wonderful Crystal to bring into any space that you desire to create a calm and focused environment. This is great to have around if you are studying for a test or learning a new skill! *This cluster is roughly 4 inches tall* 

What are some Benefits of Chinese Fluorite?

  • Chinese Fluorite draws a very Calm and Focused Energy into a space
  • Stimulates the Flow of Blocked Mental Energy
  • Creates Order from Chaos and Helps to foster Balance

Some more Thoughts on Chinese Fluorite

Chinese Fluorite is a wonderful stone that really helps to ground and balance chaotic energy. If there is a time in your life journey that is causing a lot of confusion, or clocked mental energy or blocked emotion, this is the stone for you. If you are creating and manifesting, but your thoughts feel a little scattered, Chinese Fluorite will help you collect and reorganize those thoughts. In doing this, Chinese Fluorite will bring you into a state of balance.