Cacoxenite "Stone of Awakening" Sterling Silver Wrap Pendant

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What is This?

This beautiful Cacoxenite heart is hand made and wrapped in fine quality Sterling Silver and comes with a .925 1mm thick and 24 inch long chain. Wear this pendant when you are actively focusing on your path to Ascension, or if you have a desire to strengthen your Divine connection to Humanity. The energy of this pendant is truly something magical. This is the only Cacoxenite pendant I have left, I am so excited to see who is called to this High Vibrational Treasure!

What are some of the Benefits of Cacoxenite?
  • Cacoxenite is a mineral that makes up the Super Seven a.k.a. the "Melody Stone"
  • This Crystal is a wonderful companion for Healing and Spiritual Growth
  • Cacoxenite raises the Vibration of the one Wearing or Carrying this stone
  • This Crystal focuses on strengthening the Higher Chakras
  • A Crystal of Ascension and Connection to Humanity
Some more Thoughts on Cacoxenite
When one of us raise our Vibration, we as a collective, benefit. This is a beautiful energy and message of kinship that is brought forth by the magically Divine, Cacoxenite.