Agate 4 piece Coaster Set

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(You will receive Agate Set shown in image)

What are These?

This is a lovely 4 piece set of gorgeous agate coasters would be beautiful in any part of your home, office or any space you have in mind. Not only do these beautiful Agate coasters bring an element of balance and calm, they also ground energy beautifully. Charge any beverage of your choice with balanced and grounded energy. If that isn't good enough, imagine how beautiful they make a space look! What an experience to drink an ice cold beverage, and then rest your beverage on this beautiful piece. So Sublime!

Do you have crystals lying around that you would like to showcase in an eye popping way? Well, yet another wonderful use for this beautiful set of Agate Coasters. Each Coaster is Unique in pattern and band formation. 

These Coasters are made with color-enhanced Natural Agate. Agate normally doesn't come in this deep blue color, this is an enhancement. That, however, does not make this Crystal set any less valuable. Whenever you color enhance a crystal, you are shining the energy through the frequency of the color being introduced to the Crystal. With the added Blue, the calming and grounding energies of this stone are enhanced. Think of how you feel sitting at the beach, staring at the calming blue of the Ocean. It is this energy that the blue enhancement gives to these agate pieces. How neat is that! A wonderful set to introduce to your space today!

    • Features small rubber bumpers on underside to protect surfaces from scratching
    • Set of 4
    • Approx. 3-4" diameter
    • Each coaster is Unique; size and pattern will vary
      • You will receive the Agate Coaster Set shown in photo (Agate Set 1)


What are some Benefits of Agate?

  • Agate is a great stone for Stabilizing and Grounding your and surrounding energies
  • Agate evokes a sense of peace and support, especially during chaotic times
  • Agate creates a very centering and calming environment
  • Agate is a Great stone for Healing


Some more Thoughts on Agate

Agate is a wonderful stone offering an element of protection through its grounding and stabilizing benefits. This Semi-Precious Stone anchors you to the Energy of the Earth, aiding the balancing and stabilizing of your energies. If you are going through a particularly chaotic time in your life, or even if you just want to create beautiful and balanced sacred space at home, work etc. Agate is a wonderful Crystal to bring into your life.