Schedule a Healing or Consultation

Hi! My name is Frances Griffin and I am a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner. It is my absolute privilege to facilitate Reiki and Healing Sessions, in person and Long Distance. In the future I will be posting on this page my fair schedule, so that in-person healing can take place.

In this moment, however, in-person Reiki, Healing Consultation is not an available option. The Great News is, this is something that can be facilitated at a Distance. Through the wonders of technology, through FaceTime, Messenger or ZOOM, we can still ABSOLUTELY have a wonderful healing and expanding experience.

Right now I am offering 1 hr session slots for Distance Healings and Consultations. It is such an exciting time, and taking the opportunity to work on yourself, to work on your healing and expansion is an awe-inspiring journey and truly a gift to humanity. So thank you so much for taking the leap into Self-Exploration, Healing and Discovery of just how amazing you truly are! ❤🤗❤

The price for 1 hr sessions has been changed to Love-Offering based. What does this mean? Love-Offering is a wonderful, heart based, way to say Donation. What makes the term, Love-Offering so beautiful, is that it is a term that encompasses all forms of loving support and offerings. Love-Offerings can include Monetary or Money based donation (always GREATLY appreciated and a wonderful form of energy exchange), Reviews on the Website and future purchases, Likes, Shares and Follows on Social Media, I love you's and "I feel amazing," and spreading the beauty of your experience. These and more are wonderful Love-Offerings.

Thank you so much for taking the time to Heal, Expand and Discover your Natural Magic.❤🙏❤

Much Love, Frances Griffin

*Currently there is an update to the page taking place. After selecting your preferred service, be sure to add in the comments at checkout the time and the Date that you selected. This will allow me to confirm and schedule you in, as well as arrange if we want to meet via FaceTime, Messenger, etc. Thank you so much for your patience as I work to streamline this process, Much Love!*

Feel Free to Message any Questions, Concerns or any additional information or key focus points for a scheduled session or consultation.

Choose any of the 1 Hour Services Listed, and Select an available Time slot that works best for you! On Saturdays there is Availability listed from 11:45 am till 5:00 pm. On Sunday, availability is from 1pm-4pm and during the weekdays (Monday-Friday)  from 10:00 pm till 1:00 am (for any night owls, parents and whoever has a schedule or routine that allows the late night hours to be key quiet time to fully immerse in the realms of Healing and Self-Discovery). Feel free to message and reach out with any question!😊 

If you have just experienced a wonderful Healing/Consultation Session, and feel prompted to gift a Monetary Love-Offering, this is a PayPal link that you can send this beautiful energy exchange through:


Just Highlight the Link, Right Click and select on the drop down Go to and you will be directed to the Love-Offering/Donation Link. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need any assistance with Love-Offerings and Donations.