Love-Offering / Donations

Love-Offering....What does this mean? Love-Offering is a wonderful, heart based, way to say Donation. What makes the term, Love-Offering so beautiful, is that it is a term that encompasses all forms of loving support and offerings. Love-Offerings can include Monetary or Money based donation (always GREATLY appreciated and a wonderful form of energy exchange), Reviews on the Website and future purchases, Likes, Shares and Follows on Social Media, I love you's and "I feel amazing," and spreading the beauty of your experience. These and more are wonderful Love-Offerings.

Whether you have just experienced a wonderful Healing/Consultation Session, are absolutely in Love with your experience with For the Love of Natural Living, or feel prompted to gift a Monetary Love-Offering, this is a PayPal link that you can send this beautiful energy exchange through:

Just Highlight the Link, Right Click and select on the drop down Go to and you will be directed to the Love-Offering/Donation Link. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need any assistance with Love-Offerings and Donations. 

Much Love and Gratitude,

Frances Griffin ❤😊❤