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Sage is wonderful in clearing heavy energy. It can be burned when moving in or out, to cleanse and refresh the space. You can also cleanse your crystals, jewelry, yourself...the list is endless! Also sage has antimicrobial properties and will aid in removing any airborne bacteria, freshening the air as well! 

  • Lavender and White Sage- A beautiful and soothing combination. Burning this bundle will not only clear the space of any heavy energy, the Lavender is a very high vibrational herb and will draw in and fill the space with uplifting. As an added benefit, Lavender will aid you in having a wonderful nights sleep, or even a meditative mid day nap.
  • Rosemary and White Sage- This combination is a great combination to use when setting an intention of drawing in blessings for a new beginning. This can be a new beginning in a new home, a new job or career, a new passion project, or even to bring blessings into a new morning and day!
  • White Sage- White Sage is wonderful for clearing the space of any heavy energy. This can be paired with a variety of other incense and herbs to fill in the space with new intention and new energy after the White Sage has done its job of clearing the space.
  • Palo Santo- Known as "Holy Wood" and has a wonderful aroma when burned. Palo Santo is wonderful to burn following White Sage. Once White Sage has cleared the space, Palo Santo will draw in a holy and blessing energy to the space. White Sage and Palo Santo is my own preferred combination to use when a home or space is in need of a deep energetic cleanse.