Reiki Charged Candles – Candle

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that allows me, a “Certified Reiki Master/Teacher” to act as a conduit for Univ ersal Energy. When performing a Reiki session, this Universal Energy flows throughout various points in the body, balancing the energies in The Chakras. This allows Healing, Deep Relaxation, and Total Well-Being throughout the body. A truly Magical and Transformational Healing experience.

As a Reiki Practitioner, I have the privilege of charging objects, such as Candles, with the Beautiful balancing and healing energy of Reiki.

I view this ability to share the Magic of Reiki as an Honor and put just as much time and care into the preparation of the candles to receive the Reiki charging, as well as the charging itself. I only perform charging of the candles in a Sacred space, and perform an intuitively guided cleansing ceremony over the candles and surrounding area. Then I perform the beautiful transmitting of Reiki energy into the candles with the intention of bringing “Balance” into the energies of your body, as well as your life and the energies around you. The entire privilege of cleansing and charging takes roughly about 35-45 minutes.

Each Reiki Charged Candle and Tealight is Handmade and Hand Poured by me. Each of these lovingly crafted 3oz and 8oz candles include 2-3 beautiful pieces of Amethyst. This Crystal is ideal in Supporting the Balancing Energy of Reiki. Adding an additional Element of Soothing and Balancing Amethyst Energy, As well as calling forth the Spiritual Guidance and Protection frequency of this stone. The wax is made of 100% Pure Soy Wax with a Cotton wick. These candles are Scented with top-quality Essential Oil Blends

I am so excited to be able to bring the gift of Reiki into your home with my Reiki charged, All-Natural Soy Candles. Thank you for your continued Support. 🙏

Much Love and Prosperity,

Frances Griffin