Natural White Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Invite the beauty of nature into your home with our Natural White Himalayan Salt Lamps. Our rare white Himalayan Salt Lamp is perfect for any living space, studio, office, or bedroom nightstand creating a soft and relaxing mood. This high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp sits on a rosewood base, admire the elegance of nature from the comfort of your home! 

Many of our customers love the effect they get when they use them in combination with the color bulbs. Just change the color to suit your mood, or leave it with the clear bulb for a brilliant look! Each lamp comes with SIX bulbs, one clear and five different colored bulbs: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Green!

Range of Ionization and Purification:

Mini - 8 foot radius

Small - 10 foot radius

Medium - 11 foot radius

Large - 12 foot radius

Our vendor Himalayan Salt Cart, is well known for their premium Himalayan Salt mined from deep within the Himalayan mountains!