Himalayan Salt Aromatherapy Lamp

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Another gorgeous piece with an additional feature, Aromatherapy! Not only will you benefit from the wonderful ionization and air purification, you will also benefit from the wonders of Aromatherapy. Depending on what essential oil you choose, you can benefit with increased relaxation, anxiety relief, congestion, increased focus, etc.

To Use: Place a few drops of water or a carrier oil into the stainless steel cup, then add 1 - 3 drops of your favorite essential oil. The bulb will heat the cup, diffusing the essential oil.

Invite the beauty of nature into your home with our Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps. This high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp sits on a rosewood, admire the elegance of nature from the comfort of your home! 

Range of Ionization and Purification:

Mini - 8 foot radius

Small - 10 foot radius

Medium - 11 foot radius

Large - 12 foot radius

A UL listed cord with on/off toggle switch and bulb is included with purchase.