Himalayan Salt Abundance Bowl Lamp with Energy Balls

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Add elegance and harmony to your living or work space with our gorgeous Himalayan Salt Abundance Bowls! Not only does this Abundances Bowl offer the wonderful benefits of ionization and air purifycation, but it also comes with Energy Massage Balls. The massage balls are heated up nice and warm by the bulb from the lamp, making a wonderful massage experience. Knead the massage balls into sore muscles to loosen and relax. Enjoy a beautiful, spa like experience with this beautiful Deep-Mined Himalayan Salt Lamp. This design features 4 Himalayan Salt Energy Balls, giving an extra boost to the already amazing benefits of this Himalayan Salt decor!

A UL listed cord with on/off toggle switch and bulb is included with purchase.

6 inch diameter, 5-7 lbs in weight