Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp RARE

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These Rare and Beautiful Grey Deep-Mined Himalayan Salt Lamps are a Beautiful addition to any living or work space. When off, the Soft Grey of these Himalayan Salt Lamps add a meditative natural quality to any room. When on, watch these Unique Salt Lamps glow, as if a little Fire is Glowing inside the wall of a Mountain. Absolutely Gorgeous!

Invite the beauty of nature into your home with our Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps. This high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp sits on a rosewood, admire the elegance of nature from the comfort of your home! 

Range of Ionization and Purification:

Mini - 8 foot radius

Small - 10 foot radius

Our Deep-mined, Top-Performing Himalayan Salt Lamps will add ambiance to any room, office, studio and more! Himalayan Salt Lamps are wonderful natural ionizers and air purifiers. Ionization helps reduce Electromagnetic Radiation emitted from electronic devices and even our heating and cooling units! This ionization process help reduce anxiety, helps with depression, helps promote better sleep and helps reduce headaches. This ionization process also creates another benefit, air purification. How the lamps work is with the reaction with the heat from the lamp and the moisture in the air. While the water vapor is being drawn to the lamp due to their hygroscopic properties, any mold, pollen, or allergens that are floating around get collected by the water vapor and are drawn to and stick to the lamp. Great for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues.