Grounded Confidence and Balance Bracelet

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Grounded Confidence and Balance 

  • Carnelian- Boosts Confidence
  • Variscite- Aids in Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Hematite- Grounding, Balance and Focus

It's an absolute pleasure to be able to feature these beautiful handmade, top-quality Gemstone Bracelets. Made by the beautiful souls at Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses, each and every bracelet carries a healing, empowering and supportive energy. Made to last, these bracelets will be a treasured companion throughout your journey for many days to come. While browsing these beautiful bracelets allow yourself to be guided to whichever one calls to you. Each one of these beautiful treasures has such a unique and magical personality, I am so excited for you to discover yours! Much Love!