Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses

Explore the beautiful treasures that the beautiful souls at Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses "fashion in serenity."

This beloved collection showcases gorgeous gemstone bracelets created with Grade A-AAA gemstones. What does this mean? These are fine jewelry quality gemstone beads, strung on a top-quality stretchy band. The difference in quality and durability is immediately noticed by all those who have and continue to support Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses.

Along with the beautiful bracelets, Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses has the most beautiful Saging Fans that I ever did see! Each fan is so unique in personality and energy, adorned with gorgeous and exotic feathers. The feathers used were donated from a wonderful bird sanctuary that my dear friend, and the driving energy for Burgundy Wishes, Tabatha Sipho volunteered at.  So no Exotic birds were harmed in the making of these beautiful treasures.

Along with the bracelets and fans, the Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses collection will feature their Handcrafted pendulums, necklaces, Saging Spray and more! This collection is ever changing. Welcome! I am so excited for you to experience the magic of Burgundy Wishes and Gemstone Kisses. The same magic that has brought so much into my own experience.

For the Love of Natural Living Welcomes Our Friends at Burgundy Wishes & Gemstone Kisses!