Why are Crystals Showing up in my Dreams?

Why are Crystals Showing up in my Dreams?

Are Crystals showing up in your dreams? Whenever a new element shows up in your dreams, especially something as exciting as Crystals and Gemstones, it is important to take note of your surroundings and ask some questions. Ask yourself questions like, where was the Crystal? How did it make me feel? What was the surrounding scenery? Etc. It is important to ask these questions and to take note of other dream symbols that show up. This will help to focus the overall energy and message of the Crystal or Gemstone.  

We can look at Rose Quartz as an example. Rose Quartz is the “Stone of Unconditional Love,” and when it shows up, we know the message has to do with unconditional love of some kind. That is the more general message that the Rose Quartz brings to you from your dream. The message may be suggesting that you call in more unconditional love, but for who? Yourself? A loved one? A situation? That is when taking note of other key elements in your dream will help to clarify this message of Unconditional Love. The more symbols you can understand or even remember from your dream, the more in depth the message will become. It can go so far as identifying a key aspect of yourself that you may need to show more unconditional love to. 

Next you will want to become familiar, if you are not already, with the energy of the Crystal or Gemstone that has made its way into your dreams. For example, say you are having Amethyst show up in your dreams. What is known about Amethyst, is that it is a wonderful Crystal of Spiritual Expansion and Spiritual Healing. When Amethyst shows up in your dreams, you know the focus of the message will be regarding your Spiritual Journey and Development. This dream may also highlight any blockages and past trauma healing that needs to take place for you to grow spiritually.  

Also, note the surrounding scenery or elements in your dream. Are you alone in your dream? Are you in a house, or out in nature? Is there water around, if so what kind? All of these individual symbols hold meanings in our dreams and can influence the overall message of the dream. Again, using Amethyst as an example, if you are dreaming and see Amethyst, we have already established that the dream probably has to do with Spiritual Growth and Development. If in your dream there is the element of water, it can be noted that the message of spiritual growth is tied towards emotion, which is what water symbolizes in the dream realm. The message then could have to do with a certain emotion you are holding onto or experiencing that is hindering your Spiritual Development. Or the message could be highlighting some Spiritual Growth and Development that is taking place through your emotional intelligence, or that this spiritual growth is emotionally charged. This leads me to next and final question of this blog you can ask yourself when Crystals and Gemstones show up in your dreams. 

You can ask yourself, what was your emotional state and feelings in this dream? If there are emotions such as fear, confusion, sadness, anger, grief, etc. This could highlight certain blockages you are experiencing. In identifying these blocks or even these emotions, you can look at the healing energy the Crystal or Gemstone brings and see what aspects of the emotions that you felt in your dream, can be healed or affected by the crystal. If you are experiencing joy, happiness, love etc., in your dream, be sure to take note. Your energy and the energy of the Crystal that has presented itself to you, could be working in harmony with each other.  

Whether it’s a message of support, or needed healing, when a crystal shows up in your dreams it is exciting! Not a commonly dreamed about symbol, Crystals and Gemstones are significant when they show up in your dreams. Crystals are companions, guides, teachers, healers and so much more. So, whether you are dreaming about, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli etc., you are receiving a wonderfully magical and truly profound message. If you take the time to analyze the crystal or Gemstone that made its way into your dreams, and the dream itself...you will receive profound healing, insight and/or messages of guidance.  

Much Love and Happy Dreaming, 

Frances Griffin 

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