What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

We are starting to see them more and more, but what exactly is a Himalayan Salt Lamp? And what and how is it made?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from Himalayan Salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains. Our Himalayan Salt Lamps in particular are mined from the foothills deep within the base of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

How is this salt formed? Himalayan Crystal Salt is salt that is from The Primal Sea - the original body of the sea. The Primal Sea is believed by scientist to be the place where all life originated. The Himalayan Crystal Salt was created when The Primal Sea was evaporated by the sun's energy. Over the millions of years, land masses formed over the top of the salty deposits. These deposits were then compressed by the tremendous force created by the developed land masses, creating Himalayan Crystal Salt.

How does it work?

What makes Himalayan Salt Lamps do wonderful is their ability to naturally ionize and purify the air. Ionization is great for stress and anxiety, headaches and helping with a better night's sleep. So why does it help? Because it is balancing the ions in the air and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation known as Electrosmog. What causes electromagnetic radiation are electronics such as computers, smartphones, TVs, etc. and even our heating and cooling units emit electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is caused by the increase in positive ions vs. the negative ions and it is this imbalance of ions in the air that is causing headaches, tension and anxiety, trouble sleeping and lack of focus.

Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions, balancing out the positive ions, neutralizing the environment helping to improve sleep, headaches, focus while decreasing anxiety and stress. The negative ions are able to be released due to the Himalayan Salt Lamp's Hygroscopic nature. That just means that moisture is attracted to the Himalayan Salt Lamp. The moisture is then heated by the bulb in the lamp evaporating the moisture, releasing the negative ions from the lamp. Those ions then cancel out the positive ions, balancing the environment promoting better sleep and relaxation, and reducing anxiety.

This ionization process creates another wonderful benefit to having a Himalayan Salt Lamp.It is its ability to purify the air. While the lamp is attracting water vapor from the air, any mold, pollen or allergens that are floating around will be drawn towards the lamp and will stick to it. The allergens and dust collected will not be re-released. This is beneficial to individuals suffering from allergens and respiratory issues, such as asthma.

Visually speaking, the natural patterns and striations of the Himalaya Salt Lamp along with the warm glow emitted is very meditative and relaxing. These lamps are wonderful for color or mood therapy, creating a wonderfully zenned environment, promoting a more relaxing mind set.

Beautiful and Functional, a Himalayan Salt Lamp is a truly gorgeous and unique addition to any home or office!

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